Emergency Appeal for Sichuan Earthquake in China

Dear All

It is very sad to see one disaster happens after another. Unfortunately, this is a fact of live. The devastating earthquake in Sichuan happened so sudden and quake toll soars above 20,000 today. Facing this disaster, the Premier Wen Jiabao is on tear. I am sure everyone one of us is also moved.

While the whole country, in fact the whole world, are pulling together emergency resources to rescue victims and help the survivors, we, all the alumni of our University of Ballart should stand up and be counted. I am appealing all our UB Alumni graduates and friends to do whatever we can to help this one of the most tragic disasters over the past 30 years in China.

If you are wondering where to make your donation for the victims of Sichuan disaster, please see below for action now :

For Red Cross
HSBC: 004-567-650-155-016
Heng Seng Bank: 024-267-175-123001
Bank of China: 012-806-0000-1617
Bank of East Asia, Hong Kong: 015-514-40399-663
Direct telephone number for donation: (852) 2802 0021

For World Visions
Bank of China:012-883-0-002666-2
Tel. hotline for donation: (852) 2394 2394
Email:[email protected]

For Oxfam
Bank of China:012-874-0010515-7
Tel. hotline for donation: (852) 3120 5000

Thank you very much for the help for all the victims in Sichuan of China.

Best regards
Simon Chan
UB Alumni Chapter Hong Kong

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